Patient Information

Dr. Brown views each person as an individual with a complex dimension of personal existence. As such, he fully endorses the psychiatric concept of the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model, and rejects a purely biomedical perspective of psychiatric diagnosis.

He is adept in multiple schools of psychotherapy, hypnosis, and psychopharmacology. His supervision and teaching of resident physicians at the University of Nevada Schools of Medicine has helped him remain current in each of these areas of practice. He has additional interest in models of Transpersonal Psychiatry, meditation, the ideas of Carl Jung, M.D., and the philosophical questions related to mind-brain interaction.

Dr. Brown does not accept any patients for only psychopharmacological management.

Dr. Brown does not accept any form of insurance or third party payment via insurance carriers for clinical care, nor does he provide insurance compliant receipts for sessions.

Dr. Brown maintains a paper chart for care at this office which ensures a high degree of confidentiality.

All sessions require payment in full at the time of service.

Potential clients may download the initial evaluation form to complete at their leisure prior to the visit. The Medicare Opt-Out Contract is required for any individual who has Medicare based insurance. Please review this carefully. Simply click on the link to download the forms.

Patient/Client Information Form

Please download and complete this item prior to office visit.

Clinical Fee Schedule

Credit Cards Now Accepted
Please download and complete this item prior to office visit.

Medicare Opt-Out Contract

Any client with Medicare must print and sign this document prior to the initial evaluation visit.
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