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Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology has developed in the United States over the past 30 years, and now has over 200 studies, which include randomized clinical trials and meta-analysis level data.  Most modalities include identifying past and current triggers that lead to unwanted emotional responses, perhaps from earlier life trauma, of varying intensity.  This is followed by either holding or tapping various points on the body which allows a processing and clearing of the negative emotion.  Some versions, such as AIT, allow for the clearing of entire patterns of negative experiences at once.

The ability to use the techniques in some form at home, after sessions, allows you additional empowerment over many symptoms that had seemed overwhelming and almost automatic.

Dr. Brown works with both AIT and EFT practices, in which he has been trained, as appropriate in helping with symptom management.  To review the research on this innovative model of treatment, take a look at the website for the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology for a complete listing of published articles, including fMRI brain scan references.

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