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Gregory P. Brown, M.D., Prof. Corp., Medical Doctor, Henderson, NV

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Practice Information

Here is the basic information to help you discover whether Dr. Brown’s practice is in accordance with your needs.  Having an alignment of purpose and understanding from the beginning is a key to successful communication and treatment.

  • The first one or more sessions is for evaluation only, no treatment relationship is established during those sessions.
  • Treatment offered includes psychotherapy from various appropriate schools [see below], and psychopharmacology.
  • No form of medical insurance is accepted, including Medicare and Medicaid.
  • I do not treat ADHD/ADD or prescribe stimulant medications for ADHD/ADD.
  • I do not prescribe Xanax in my practice.
  • I provide treatment to adults, age 21 and over.
  • My treatment ideology is a bio-psycho-social-spiritual model, not primarily psychopharmacology.
  • I will utilize a paper chart to maintain high levels of confidentiality on your behalf.
  • Medicare clients must complete a Medicare Opt Out form which will be provided.
  • Payment required in full at time of session, Cost is currently $650 for the first evaluation session which typically lasts about 75 minutes, followup sessions of up to 50 minutes are $300, and followup sessions of up to 20 minutes are $250.  5-PATH® Hypnotherapy with 7th Path Self Hypnosis® sessions are each up to 75 minutes, and this may be purchased as a package, which provides a discount.  First session must be prepaid to reserve an appointment.  Follow up sessions paid at session.  This fee schedule is for clinical work only; there is a separate fee schedule for any form of medico-legal evaluations or reports.
  • Most patients are expected to learn and practice the 7th Path Self Hypnosis® system for personal growth, which will be an included part of sessions at no additional charge.

Practice Philosophy & Treatments

Dr. Brown views each person as an individual with a complex dimension of personal existence.  As such, he fully endorses the psychiatric concept of the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model, and thoroughly rejects a purely biomedical perspective of psychiatric diagnosis and treatment.  

The Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual model of psychiatry [and life] basically suggests there are parts of a problem that relate to your body, your mind, your social group, and your life meaning.  The focus on body might include exercise, diet, relaxation exercises, meditation, and potentially medication.  My philosophy is the fewer medications that provide response the better.  The the focus on mind, which includes how you see the world, your lifelong patterns of coping, and psychotherapeutic models of intervention to help you see beyond your personal blindspots.  The focus on your social world includes relationships both personal and at work.  and finally, the focus on the spiritual includes how you see yourself in the context of bigger life questions and your meaning in life.  

Dr. Brown is adept in multiple schools of psychotherapy, hypnosis, and psychopharmacology.   This includes newer researched psychotherapies such as EMDR and various Energy Psychologies, in addition to more traditional therapies including 5-PATH® Hypnosis, 7th Path Self Hypnosis®, and psychodynamically informed therapy.  I do not provide basic CBT or DBT, although elements of each may be woven into other modalities.

His supervision and teaching of resident physicians at the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at the University of Nevada Las Vegas has helped him remain current in each of these areas of practice.  

He has interest in models of Transpersonal Psychiatry, meditation, the ideas of Carl Jung, M.D., and the philosophical questions related to mind-brain interaction.  For additional information about Dr. Brown’s training, please review the home page.

Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card 
  • No Insurance, including Medicaid or Medicare

Making An Appointment

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