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Hypnosis Information

Hypnosis is an entirely normal state of mind that virtually everyone has experienced many times without even being aware of it.   Like the time that some moments disappeared from awareness while driving on a long highway, or losing the sense of time while reading a book or watching a movie.  One of the amazing therapeutic benefits of using hypnosis more formally for treatment is the ability to bypass the critical factor that often prevents new ideas, habits, or patterns from entering your life even when you consciously would really appreciate it. 5-PATH® Hypnosis is a phased set of steps which allows clearing of past negative patterns to move forward with life.  This is version is experienced in session and requires approximately 7 sessions to complete for most.

7th Path Self-Hypnosis® is perhaps one of the most powerful versions of self hypnosis because goes  beyond simple self suggestion, taking it far beyond the capacities of classical self hypnosis practice.  After the sessions to learn, it is practiced in the privacy of your home, and is a tool that can be used for life!  It allows for the processing of negative experiences from the past at the timing perfect and comfortable for you.  This modality will likely be a deeply empowering part of the treatment plan that will allow gains between sessions, no matter what the primary therapeutic modality we work with in session.  This self hypnosis system will take approximately six partial sessions to learn in a step-wise manner, and is available as part of the session timing.  There are additional layers of mastery for this technique available for you after learning, practicing, and integrating the basics.  Each of the 9 Recognitions which structure the technique come in Short, Full & Ultimate forms, which may be integrated into practice over time.  Contact me for further information either version of hypnosis to start you on your path.  Day long workshops are also available for organizations.

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